PK3.1 Weekly Newsletter

December 4th, 2015- Week 16 and December 11th, 2015- Week 17

Hello Pk Parents,

This newsletter will cover week #16 and #17. Due to the fact I didn’t want to ruin any of the “surprises” I decided to combine the two. Your children have been hard at work preparing for our last few days of school. Last week we learned a few skills to pamper our mama’s on their special day. The kids partnered up to give hand and shoulder massages to each other. This activity was an excellent way to practice our social skills and make new connections with different students. The first day the kids picked their partners after that Ms. Giselle and I came up with creative ways to match them up (boy/girl, same hair color, same eyes, Etc.) We have spread holiday cheer through the classroom transforming the dramatic center into Santa’s workshop. We added tools and toys that need fixing to the center and of course some safety goggles! In the block center we added a train set that the kids have really enjoyed. I love seeing all the different routes they create with their friends and how well some of them are starting to share. We did many art project the past couple weeks including masks for our spa day and Rudolph bags that we will fill with popcorn on the last day of school! The kids also made headbands for their Holiday presentation that will take place next Wednesday December 16th at 10am. The last major art project was our holiday lights that we made with paint and spoons. The kids were asked to create a pattern so we could connect them outside to make a string of lights. In Ms. Sharon’s gross motor class they were introduced to the hula hoop! The class played a fun game where they had to pretend the grass was “water” and the inside of the hula hoops were “ships”, when Ms. Sharon called out a color they had to jump to the correct color without stepping outside on the grass. In garden our garden box has been flourishing with delicious produce including tomatoes, papayas, melons, green pepper, coriander, squash, garlic and cucumber. The kids really enjoys this class, being outside and being able to play with the fishing poles, giant blocks and pipes, while the groups rotate to the garden bed. We’ve had many fun events that happened the past few weeks, the holiday shop, Mother’s Day, puppet show and a visit from carolers. At the holiday shop, the kids each had 5 dollars to go wild with. Most of the kid were drawn to the light of the “crazy light ball” and bought something at that table while others saved for a yummy chocolate treat. Mother’s Day was on Monday and while I’m sure you were excited to join us your kids were ESTATIC to have you here and demonstrate everything they’ve been working on. They were able to paint their mom’s finger nails while some decided to go above and beyond by painting toe nails and hands! After that they were asked to give a back massage or hand massage with lotion. We added a photo booth and a scrub bar where the kids were able to make a scrub with different ingredients. While I know things got a bit messy, I truly hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! On Wednesday the kids were invited to the cafeteria to enjoy a puppet show put on by ISP students. They made their own set and puppets and acted out “Snow White.” On Thursday we had some other students from ISP come to sing the song “Silent night” for our PK department. While times very busy here in PK I am very proud of how hard your children are working! Please enjoy all the photos below and share with your children!


December 16- Holiday Party @10am RSVP

December 18- Last Day of school / HALF DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS

December 18- Polar Express Day- Send kids in P.J's

If you have any questions please let me know.

-Ms. Rebekka

Santa's Workshop

Train Tracks

Hula Hoops


Holiday Shop

Practicing for Spa Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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Puppet Show