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Newtons Laws of Motion

Newtons 1st Law of Motion means that when a object is in motion tends to stay in motion and the object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted on by a force.Newtons 2nd Law Of Motion a law that depends on the objects mass and net force that is applied to it that states an objects acceleration.Newtons 3rd Law of Motion a motion that states a equal and opposite reaction for every actions.   Examples:2 persons in roller skates pushes ech other and they will go in opposite directions, a car crashing into a wall, air rushing out of a balloon.


Motion is a change in an objects position compared to a fixed object like remeber when you ride in a car it looks as if everything outside is moving backwards but are actually staying in the same place it is called an apparent motion. Examples:like you were driving a car and you look out the window and it looks like everything is moving.


Force is a continuous force that accelerates an objects velocity but not all forces are continuous somtimes objects collide with another object causing its velocity to change which is called momentary force.This is like when a thrower throws a ball towards the batter and the batter hits it in the opposite direction. Examples:a bowling ball hits the pins and they get knocked down.


Weightlessness is a feeling of weighing like nothing like when a astronaut is in space they seem to appear floating because there is no gravity in space. Weightlessness also happens in skydiving unlike astronauts they fall to the earth instead of float. Like you drop a apple and it falls because gravity is pulling on it but in space it stays afloat. Examples:When your in space you feel like your weightless, skydiving, dropping things.


Momentum is the mass of an object that is multiplied by the objects velocity. like we are playing a game of pool and the ball gets hit and scatters. Examples:when something gets hit a reaction happens.