Ch. 20

Consumer Responsibilities


  • Comparison Shopping- visiting different stores to find the better price
  • Warranty- promise of a manufacturer or seller to repair or replace a faulty product within a certain time period
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Smart Buying Strategies

  • Gather information about the product
  • Use advertising carefully to help learn about the product
  • Decide where to buy the product
  • Look at name brands and off brands
  • Decide how you want to purchase the product
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Other Responsibilities

Reporting a faulty product:

  • Report the problem
  • Do not try to fix the product yourself
  • Contact the seller or manufacturer
  • Keep records of your efforts to solve the problem
  • Allow the person a reasonable time to fix the problem
  • Keep a copy of all your communications
  • Keep your composure
Making fair complaints:

  • Exhibit ethical behavior by respecting the rights of producers and sellers
  • You have a responsibility when making a complaint to provide the seller with the whole truth as you know it
Seeking help:

  • If you have a complaint, you have the responsibility to report it to a government agency
  • As a consumer, you have the right to voice your complaints