Exploring the United States

Create Your Own Project

You are being given the task of gathering research on your region and then coming up with a final project by choosing your own destiny and choosing from a variety of activities. You must show all your Region has to offer, however, you will all do this in a different way.

Step 1

Below are a list of all of the information you must include in someway in your presentation.

* Location: Where is your Region? Include a map that highlights your region. Be


* Physical Characteristics: land forms, bodies of water, natural resources, animal life

and vegetation

* Human Characteristics: culture, subcultures, religion, population, ethnicity,

manufactured goods

* Human Environmental Interaction: recreation & tourist attractions

Step 2

You must decide if you are working alone, with a partner or in a group

Alone: 20 points

With A Partner: 40 points

Group of 3: 60 points

Step 3

Choose from the list of activities below to decide how you or your those working with you will get your total number of points.

20 point activities

* Teacher for the Day

* Museum Exhibit

* Class Trip

* Educational Video

10 point activities

* play/script

* travel brochure

* 3-D model

* Informational poster

* Prezie

* Photostory

* Scrapbook

5 point activities

* poster

* oral report

* map

* song

* dance

* poem

* drawing or painting

Other options....

* propose and idea not listed her to your teacher and she will tell you the point


Great Plains

Where have you been

Push Pin Activity!