Chameleon by Charles Smith

Main Characters

  • Shawn
  • Trent
  • Andre
  • Lorenzo
  • Shawn's Mom
  • Shawn's Aunt


The major conflict throughout this whole novel was how the four boys have to try not to get involved with the two gangs in L.A. Another conflict would be how Shawn has to stand up for himself, but sometimes he doesn't know how to do so.


  • Believe in yourself
  • Never give up
  • Don't fall into peer presser
  • Don't let the fear of sticking out keep you from playing the game

Critics Corner

This book was a very good book. The author had gave details about the events more than what the people looked like. He focused on the events that needed to be described to undertand what was going on. During the book you had no idea if Shawn was going to stand up for himself or not. I would recommend this book to anyone of any age.