New Dragon Ball z Release

By Tyshaun jones


Have you ever watched the new Dragon Ball Z well this new movie will blow your mind if you have seen it before don't spoil it for others do you remember Frieza when he was defeated by Goku and again defeated by future Trunks himself well has finally returned back to normal Frieza had been revived by his soldiers by Sorbet and Tagoma but here is a twist Vegeta the saiyan prince is now a god and he is ready to take on Frieza..


Now that Frieza has been revived Goku has lots of confident but his friends are unsure Goku has defeated frieza but now he has to face him in god mode Frieza then transforms into his final form but somehow manage to transform into a god as well his new form was golden Frieza with everone down and the world is lost Frieza intends to destroy earth with his super nova Goku tries to stop it and is unable to hold it forever new energy begins to form in Goku and Vegeta they are now super saiyan gods with them now standing they have the power to defeat him.