Anne Sexton

Beautiful, Confessional Poet With Severe Depression

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Anne Sexton is known for her wide range of confessional poems, she liked to write about celebration but also depression. She not only wrote poems but many books as well which led her to win the Pulitzer prize in 1967. She was born and raised in Massachusetts, she wasn't the happiest child mainly because her parents were difficult, maybe even abusive. She married at the age of 19 and soon became a fashion model. She gave birth in 1953 then again in 1955, she suffered post-partum depression so she was admitted into a neuropsychiatric hospital. Her therapist encouraged her to start writing since in highschool she had an interest in it. She was well known during her lifetime because of the way she wrote about things that not many people would approve of. Anne had a manipulative voice in a way, she saw herself as a story teller. She spoke to many women because she used how difficult it was being a women as the main topic of her poetry which also lead to alot of criticism. She did suffer from depression her whole life, and attempted suicide many times. Following the birth of her second child she had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized once again, her children were sent to live with her husbands parents. That year when her birthday came, she succeeded in killing herself. People remember Anne as a beautiful poet who sadly suffered a mental illness, but she shared her hardships with the world.

Anne's Poetry

Sylvia's Death

"Sylvia's Death" embodies the envy that Anne held against Sylvia Plath for killing herself. In this poem she's truly wanting to say this stuff to Plath not the public but there is no way to since she killed herself. The two writers were what you call "death friends", they were both obsessed with the idea of death rather than life. She feels as if Sylvia gained renown after her suicide, and that is what Anne wanted.