By: Kennedy Perry

Background Information

Brazil's capital is Brasilla. Four major cities are Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Manau. Brazil was once controlled by Portugal. It later gained independence in 1822, it is no longer controlled by another country. The official language is Portuguess. The Brazilian flag is green as the background, that has a yellow diamond and a blue circle.

Geographical Information

Brazil is located in Eastern South America. It is home of the second largest river in the world, the Amzon River.It is also home of the Amazon Rainforest and the Iguacu Falls.

Political Information

Brazil's government type is Presidental System, Federal Republic, and Constitutional Republic. Brazil's current leader is Dilma Rousseff.

Tourists Information

The Amazon Thetare is an oprea house in Mananas Brazil. It was built during the Heyday of rubber trade. Also all of furniture was originally from Paris. Fernando de Noroha is an archipelago with beaches, wildlife and landscapes.


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