By: Zachary M. and Austin S.

Impact on Our World

HIV/AIDS has impacted our world economically, our children, our health, and our work places. It has been spreading rapidly everywhere and now there's an estimated 42 million people with HIV/AIDS. It's said that each year a 1% of the GDP economic growth in sub-Saharan African countries is declining. This causes a loss of works. HIV/AIDS is also increasing the cost of health care for governments. Most of those that have HIV/AIDS are in developing countries too. Many children have to be orphaned in those countries.

Research for a Cure

We have been researching a cure for HIV for quite some time now. Now we have more of an idea and one of the methods that is believed to destroy the HIV cells is radioimmunotherapy (RIT). Sadly it is not a permanent cure, only a temporary one because it does not destroy ALL the infected cells. Finding a temporary cure though, brings us closer to a permanent one.