Is Apollo 1 worth the risk?

By Aishah Garrido

Information about Apollo 1

3 astronauts died while training for the first Apollo mission.

A fire broke out in their training capable.

Because there was no escape hatch and by the time they got there they were dead.

The Apollo 1 program was on hold while exhaustive investigation because of the accident.

First manned mission.

Apollo 1 was destroyed on January 27,1967

Some benefits

Plastic form materials in the shoe.

An external pressurized shell and stress free "blow molding".

Flammable items were removed.

It was oxygen and two gases.

Hard business.

Hard lessons to learn on Apollo 1.

Some risks they took

The space agency.

Studying how to avoid hazards.

The plugs were out because the spacecraft switched to battery power.

Trying to succeed goals.

Not enough more for the results.