September 2020

Principal News

Hope you all have had a restful summer! We are up and running virtually and I have been impressed with the HUGE leap forward that my staff has taken with technology. I hope that you are appreciative of our growth and our desire to go even further. There have been some bumps in the road, but I truly believe that we are now on a path for success. One that will enable students to learn and grow in a more student centered manner.

I loved seeing you all in August as you came to learn the new expectations and learning platforms. We are learning and growing together, so please continue to be patient as we expand our digital capabilities. Our PTA met and continues to support our community and school. Please sign up for our PTA if you have not already. Their link is on our website.

As we continue to hunker down with our families 24/7, I have heard from most of you that we battle power struggles and emotional ups and downs, mostly within ourselves. Pretty normal stuff but the challenge can feel overwhelming. Many of us have experienced kids, and quite frankly adults, getting cranky at times. The million dollar question is… How do we get others to be more considerate? Of course like everything now, it really starts with us.

Here are some suggestions for how we can be intentional about helping others improve their thoughtfulness.

Slow down before speaking: We say fewer things that we regret when we carefully consider words before they leave our mouth. We do this for ourselves and we do it to set a powerful example.

Model thoughtfulness: Are you intentionally showing others acts of thoughtfulness such as letting others go first or asking, “will this bother anybody if I…?”

Notice and celebrate thoughtfulness: Celebrate and thank others for their thoughtful behaviors without embarrassing them. Set out to find even tiny moments of politeness to reward.

Choose effective timing: Talk to others when you are calm, not in the heat of the moment. Parents report better results when the conversation is removed from the rude incident. Catch them when brains are calm and defenses are down. Ask them, “Have you noticed that when you play your music too loud in the house that it bothers other people in the house?”

Offer logical consequences: It’s possible we may need to provide a delayed consequence, such as, “This is sad. You finished off the cookies without saving any for your dad. Be thinking about how you can make that up to him.” It is highly effective when consequences require others to solve the problems that they caused.

It can be challenging to be around people we love for extended periods without many breaks. It can also be a good time for others to learn how to be more thoughtful and considerate. Working on these skills now will pay off later.

Absences During Virtual Learning

If your student is not logging in and submitting their work each day, they will be counted as absent.

You are still required to call the office for attendance and leave a message if your student will be unavailable due to an appointment, an illness, or a vacation out of town.

Doctor, dentist, orthodontics, and counseling visits, all require a doctor's office visit note to be given to the front office to account for that absence. You may have the office fax it to Jefferson at 208-854-5261, or please drop by the school office the next day.

Expectations are the students will still be attending classes and submitting work with their teacher online. If you have any absent concerns or wondering if your student is submitting their work each day, contact your teacher.

Teachers and staff are here to help you, so please reach out with any questions or concerns.

  • Contacting Teachers are best if you email them due to their online classes.
  • Contacting the office for attendance or questions, please call 208-854-5260


Those students in the Boise Online School program will communicate your attendance to their attendance line 208-472-2156 or email

Device Technology Agreements and Insurance

For everyone that has a chromebook or iPad, from last spring or picking up now in fall, we have been collecting the district required Device Agreement form and the insurance offered through the district.

If you agreed to the insurance, the $25 will be charged to your Parent Portal Account this month. You can pay on the parent portal with a credit card. If needing to pay check or cash, you may bring that to the Jefferson office.

** If the device breaks or something happens to it, please contact the office and you will be able to get a replacement for free.

If you declined the insurance, please be extremely careful with your device. If it were to break or something happen to it, you will be responsible for the replacement costs.

If you change your mind and want to purchase the insurance, please let us know by DEADLINE--- Friday, September 4th and we will make that change.

Back of the School is CLOSED

Due to the construction of our new cafeteria, we regret to inform you that the back playground area will have to remain closed 24/7.

Therefore, no entry during the day, night, or the weekend. You would be trespassing through the construction site which is a crime.

Thank you for your consideration at this time.

Parent Portal -A Must Have

Please make sure you have created your Parent Portal Account. This is your way to keep track of your students.

District sends out emails each month to all parents that have NOT signed up for a parent portal account on how to sign up. Or just email and let them know you need to sign up for an account and they will email you the "key code" you need to create your account.

If you already have an account but can not remember your password, contact the Jefferson office (208-854-5260) and we can reset your password.

See below for more details on what you can access. This will be an account you keep active all the way thru 12th grade.

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Nurse Corner

Jefferson Nurse just wanted to remind everyone to help out when and where they can with the following reminders.

  • Wear Masks
  • Social Distance
  • Be Conscious of Your Current Health
  • Stay Home if Needed

Here is a link to the Central District Health page that will give you information on Covid-19 and Schools. Central District Health Link

This link will include items such as CDH Illness Decision Tree that will help you with symptoms and what to do next.

It also has an Exposure Decision Tree that will help you figure out whether you too need to self quarantine or see a doctor.

Stay safe and healthy.

Character Traits for the year

Each month, the Jefferson staff works with your students on different Character Traits that are beneficial not only in school but in life. Here is a list of the traits we will be working on each month so please feel free to discuss them with your students.

Here are our monthly themes:

· September Integrity/Honesty

· October Self-Discipline

· November Responsibility

· December Citizenship/Sportsmanship

· January Attitude

· February Compassion

· March Self Esteem

· April Respect

· May – June Perseverance

Meet Jefferson's New Social Worker

Jefferson's Social Worker Alicia Juarez is here to assist our families and students. She can assist any of the following:

· Basic Needs (clothing, food, rent, school supplies or utilities)

· Case Management

· Community Resources

· Google Meet Session

· Groups

· Sidewalk Visits

· Situations that Negatively Impact your Family or Student

· Social/Emotional Support for you Student

If you need assistance, please email Mrs. Juarez at or call her at 208-854-6919. Her office hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

***She also helps out with the following schools.

Koelsch Elementary, Cynthia Mann Elementary, Valley View Elementary

Jefferson Counselor

Mrs. Bauer is the Jefferson Counselor and would like to share a couple of items.......

First. Feel free to visit her website for what she can help you with...

Second. Some Social Workers have created a Virtual Calming Site that you may want to take advantage of during this time.

Back to School Night

This year we will have a Virtual Back to School Night.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 16th

TIME: 3:00 pm

Teachers will send out a link to their presentation at that time. Therefore, more information from your teacher will be sent out to you.

Annual Notification Regarding Public Release of Student Directory Information

The Boise School District complies with federal law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) as it relates to the release of student directory information to the public. To learn more, log on to and navigate to Parents & Patrons > Parent Information > FERPA Form. Or, please call the Clerk of the Board at 208-854-4123 to obtain a copy of the FERPA form.
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Mobile Food Pantry

Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 10am-12pm

1609 South Owyhee Street

Boise, ID

Need help with food. Come to Whitney during this time.

Whitney also is a community school so they can help at anytime with food, clothing, medical care, early childhood resources, parenting information and support.

Call them at anytime for assistance you might need. 208-900-7106 to contact the Community Schools Coordinator.

Girl Scouts are offering some Online activities for September and October

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 6pm

This is an online event.

Check out the link for the fun activities the Silver Sage Girl Scouts have planned for ALL.


Assistance League Helps with Supplies

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