Literature Circle

By: Sally, Lorena, Gaby, Bhavya, and Pierson


Charlotte Doyle-

Adventurous- "I've come," I managed to say, "to be one of the crew" (pg.106).

Takes risks- "To become part of the crew, Charlotte has to climb the mainmast to the top and down in one piece" (pg.113).


Captain Jaggery-

Abusive- "He was that much beaten by Captain Jaggery, who, as he said himself,took the arm" (pg.37).

Violent- "Mr.Hollybrass," he said, "he's to have fifty lashes" (pg.92).

Cruel- "Captain Jaggery, my friend, my guardian-my father's employee-had been unspeakably cruel" (pg.96).


Chef- "Cook, surgeon, carpenter, and preacher to man and ship" (pg.21).

Old man- "The old man shook his head gently" (pg.21).



Charlotte Doyle, a thirteen year old girl, gets on a ship by herself with a bunch of scruffy men, that have a lack of manners and ragged clothes, to go back to her home Providence, Rhode Island. For two months Charlotte had conflict between the crew mates and Captain Jaggery. She was accused of murdering the first mate, Mr.Hollybrass. Later she figured out that the captain was the person who killed him, but Captain Jaggery fell into the sea and drowned. She went back home and got locked up by her father, but she snuck out and went back to the ship, her home.

Plot Development

The five stages are...

1. Exposition- Charlotte Doyle is introduced and her goal is to go back to Providence, Rhode Island. ("Our true home, which was in Providence, Rhode Island" pg.2.

"The ship is scheduled to leave with the first tide tomorrow morning" pg.9.)

2.Rising Action- She meets Zachariah and Captain Jaggery and is having to decide between the two of them. ("She has a hard time deciding rather to tell Captan Jaggery about the dirk that Zachariah gave her" pg.40.)

Zachariah is against Captain Jaggery but Charlotte is not. ("If Captain Jaggery was so cruel, why should they have signed on again? Zachariah leaned close to me. "Revenge," he whispered" pg.38.)

Charlotte goes to her trunk to get clothes and books and ends up finding a carving of a human. ("I realized that this humanlike face was a grotesque carving cut into some large, brown nut" pg.57.)

She becomes a crew. ("I've come," I managed to say, "to be one of the crew" pg.106.)

Sees Zachariah in the storm. ("Charlotte is about to fall off the main mast and Zachariah helps her" pg.136.)

Mr.Hollybrass dies (get's murdered). ("There, beneath it, lay Mr.Hollybrass, face down. A knife was stuck in his back, plunged so deeply only the scrimshaw handle could be seen" pg.138.)

3.Climax- Charlotte gets accused of murdering Mr.Hollybrass. ("Miss Doyle, I charge you in the willful murder of Mr.Hollybrass" pg.145.)

4.Falling Action- Charlotte and Zachariah find out who killed Mr.Hollybrass. ("The captain, it must have been he who killed Mr.Hollybrass" pg.177.)

Captain Jaggery finds out Charlotte's and Zachariah's plan. ("More to the point I know about what you are doing in my cabin now" pg.187.)

Captain dies while trying to kill Charlotte by falling into the sea. ("Then the ship plunged and he tumbled into the waves" p.194.)

Get's locked in her room by her father (after reading the journal). ("You may return to your room and you will wait there until you are summoned" pg.207.)

5.Resolusion- Charlotte goes back to the Seahawk where Zachariah was. ("I've decided to come home" pg.210.)

Internal and External Conflict

Internal -Charlotte Doyle didn't know if she should tell the Captain that Zachariah gave her the dirk, a 6 inch dagger, so she is having internal conflict about it.

("She has a hard time deciding rather to tell Captan Jaggery about the dirk that Zachariah gave her" pg.40.)

Internal -There I had to make another decision: should I cut the lines that held the spar itself? What happened if I did? (pg.135)

External -When they are in the hurricane they have to fight it. ("The wind and rain-as well the tossing motion of the ship-kept impeding me" pg.133-141.)

External -Whenever she goes underwater and she tries to come back up an she swings her legs to the bow sprit. ("With all my might i swung my legs up and wrapped them about the bowspirt, but again the Seahawk plunged. Into the tearing sea i went, clutching the spar" pg.128.)

Internal -"The more Zachariah talked the more convinced I was that his rambling chatter was meant to keep us from the crucial question-Who killed Mr.Hollybrass? And the more that question was avoided, the more certain that I was that it was he. But how could I accuse him?" (pg.156)

External -"I asked you a question, Miss Doyle. What happened to Mr.Zachariah?" "...he died," I said softly. " Flogged to death." "Who flogged him?" " You did, unmercifully." (pg.168)

Figurative Language

1. Simile- "She had a bowsprit too, one that stood out from her bow like a unicorn's horn" (pg.12).

2. Simile- "Then, for what seemed forever, I lay listening as the Seahawk, tossed by the ceaseless swell, heaved and groaned like a sleeper beset by evil dreams" (pg.24).

3. Simile- "Still the head did not move, did not blink an eye. It seemed as if it were dead" (pg.57).

4. Imagery- "I heard it crash, roll about, then cease to make any sound at all" (pg.57).

5. Metaphor- "His eyes might have been those of a dead fish" (pg. 7).

6.Simile-"Suddenly-like the crack of a wind-whipped sail-I recalled my dim vision when waiting to board the Seahawk the night of my arrival: of a men hauling himself up ropes to the ship" (pg.76).

7.Simile-"The Seahawk turning, tossing, swaing as if trying to shake me off-like a dog throwing droplets of water from its back" (pg.117).


The theme of this book is to be brave and stand up for your self.

This is the theme of this book because Charlotte had to fight through many tough things and she stood up for herself to prove that she didn't kill Mr.Hollybrass.