Body Image

Eating disorders

My definition of body image and beauty

Body image is the way you view you body in a mental and/or physical matter.

Body Image and Ohers Judgement

The media has morphed the human body into impossible expectations. We notice that its all for the product and marketing. The images the media uses of men and women are fake. Which would also morph our minds into to thinking whats "beautiful" and/or "perfect." Our judgement is clouded daily by images and headlines some of us forget to be realistic. We start judging others that don't look exactly like what the media shows but we all have flaws and problems of our own. If you judge someone on looks, you most likely have image problems yourself.


  1. 95% of people with eating disorders are ages between 12 and 25
  2. 9 and 10 years old, 40% have tried to lose weight.
  3. Men are less likely to seek treatment for eating disorders because of the perception that they are woman’s diseases.
  4. Men are less likely to seek treatment for eating disorders because of the perception that they are “woman’s diseases.”10
  5. 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner (Collins, 1991).
  6. Approximately 1 percent of adolescent girls develop anorexia nervosa.
  7. 25% of American men and 45% of American women are on a diet on any given day.
  8. .5% of men will struggle with bulimia.
  9. Eating disorders are a daily struggle for 10 million females and 1 million males in the United States.
  10. 13.5% of athletes have sub clinical to clinical eating disorders.

How to Improve Your Body Image

  1. Be Positive- When you look in the mirror focus on the things you like about yourself.
  2. Look for Body Positive Outlets- If you do want to change the way you look, make sure to do it in a healthy way like working out and/or eating healthier. There's a big difference between a "perfect" body and a healthy body.
  3. Learn to love yourself- Promote self-love in any and every way you can. Accept that everyone has flaws.
  4. Ignore any negative thoughts- Distract yourself from any put downs and/or negative thoughts, instead you could something that you like and makes you happy.
  5. Be Honest and Realistic- Most images in the media are fake and photo shopped to sell, so understand that most expectations can't be met.