Ottawa vs. Halifax

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a founding like any other

The founding of the two major Canadian cities Ottawa, and Halifax; were once just raw land. These now great cities were once founded just like any other town and country. Halifax was founded 267 years ago in 1749, while Ottawa or Bytown was formed in 1826.

Halifax: A founding

Back in the late 1600's, the Mi'kmaq settled in Halifax and called it Chebucto; meaning great harbor. Later in history, Europeans such as Acadians and olden day brits set their sights on Halifax for a cod fishing institute. In 1749 the population reached a total of 2 500 settlers, mostly from England. The great harbor was later named Halifax in honor of George Montague-Dunk, Earl of Halifax.

Ottawa: A founding

Until 1608, what is now Ottawa was inhabited by the Algonquin people. In 1608 Etienne Brule was ,first European explorer to explore land near the Ottawa river. Others, like Samuel de Champlain followed the path of Etienne and explore the land. From the 1600's to the 1800's the Ottawa river was a trading post for the Algonquin and the European explorers. Eventually in the early 1800's, the Algonquin lost all claim of the land. Ottawa grew into a large camp led by colonel John By and Ottawa in 1826, officially became the city if Bytown.

Halifax: Population

Today, the population of people in Halifax is 390 096 people which was last updated in 2011. Back in 1749, when Halifax was born, the total of settlers was 2 500 colonists.

Ottawa: Population

Back in 1826, the small population of what was back then Bytown was 7760 people altogether. Now, in 2016 the population is approximately 1 500 000 citizens in the grand total.

Halifax: Industries then and now

The most employed job in Halifax is currently manufacturing, playing a part to help the economy grow. In 1749 however, the most popular job in Halifax was bartending. Half the people sell, the other half drinks. Well, except for the kids.

Ottawa: Industries then and now

The most employed job in what is now in Ottawa was the timber trade, back in 1826. Now, lots of people work for the federal government. They are mostly ambassadors. I should know, I lived in that area of the city.