Our Energy Plan

By Peter and Avinash

Our Source of Energy

For our source of energy, we will be using geothermal energy. Iceland is already a pioneer in harvesting this way which we will energize your house. By using geothermal energy, we will be able to give you water and run all your home appliances in a clean and sustainable way.

How We Will Heat Your Home

As well as powering home heaters for your comfort, we have a cheap and effective way to heat your home. As the heat travels through pipes below the houses, the heat will rise and provide even more heat to homes.

Electric Generation

Energy from electric generation comes from steam produced from underground hot bodies of water to turns turbines which will power a generator, thus producing the electricity for your home.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Typically, ground source heat pumping isn't used in Iceland but it it were to, it would be done by, using the earth as a heat source or heat sink depending on the season of the year. This process is cost efficient and effective.