December News from Room 40

Ms. Gorski's 3rd grade class

December At a Glance

I apologize for the delay in this newsletter; it has been a busy month for all of us! I cannot believe we are almost halfway through third grade!

In Math, we have been working on mastering our multiplication and division facts which learning fractions. In reading, we have been working on coming up with our own questions and finding the main idea in non-fiction texts. In Social Studies and Science, Ms. Nunley has taught us about ancient Greece & Rome and soil.

Additionally in reading, we had our mid-year reading assessment and every student has made progress in reading this year!

Right before Thanksgiving break, we had STEM day where the students build a 3-D creature out of various objects (cereal boxes, straws, bottle tops, etc) with a small group.

On December 1 our classroom elf, Chandler, came to visit. He checks to make sure the students are making good choices in the classroom and tells Santa at night.

Please see the rest of the newsletter to see what is coming up when we return from from and more details about what has happened this month!

Happy Holidays,

Ms. Gorski

Creating a Creature

The Friday before Thanksgiving, the students were given the following STEM challenge. They had 1 hour to complete the assignment with their group:

Background: We have/will learn about geometric figures in math. Some examples of figures include; circles, triangles,ovals, cones, cylinders, spheres, and cubes.

Design Challenge: Design and build an imaginary geometric creature using both plane and solid geometric figures. Your geometric creature must stand by itself and have at least two moving parts.

4 out of 5 groups successfully build their creature to meet all the criteria! See pictures below for a great preview of their creations!

Holiday Lunch

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 11:15am

2055 Courthouse Road

Louisa, VA

Come join your child for lunch on Thursday for a special meal! Lunch will be from 11:15-11:55 for this special event :)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What we'll be learning in January!

Math 3.8: The student will determine, by counting, the value of a collection of bills and coins whose total value is $5.00 or less, compare the value of the bills and coins, and make change.

Math 3.9: The student will estimate and use U.S. Customary and metric units to measure

a) length to the nearest 1/2 inch, inch, foot, yard, centimeter, and meter;
b) liquid volume in cups, pints, quarts, gallons, and liters;
c) weight/mass in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms; and
d) area and perimeter.

History 3.10: Government

The student will recognize the importance of government in the community, Virginia, and the United States of America by
a) explaining the purpose of rules and laws;
b) explaining that the basic purposes of government are to make laws, carry out laws, and decide if laws have been broken;
c) explaining that government protects the rights and property of individuals.

Science 3.4: Adaptations

The student will investigate and understand that adaptations allow animals to satisfy life needs and respond to the environment


We will begin studying poetry, fairy tales and folk tales. Look for a guide below for how to help your child understand what they're reading at home!

Classroom Wish List

We are running low on a few supplies in our classroom! If you are able, we would love a donation from the list below to help us learn in our classroom!

  • color pencils
  • Expo markers (thin and thick)
  • pencils

3rd Grade Polar Express Celebration

Friday, Dec. 18th, 8am-3pm

2055 Courthouse Road

Louisa, VA

This is a day of fun, literature, games and crafts. We will begin with our "Mr. Conductor" (Mr. Allen) reading the story to our group in the atrium. The rest of the day, we will rotate between the classrooms playing a game of charades using vocabulary words from the book (You try to act out "nouget"!); making a craft, writing a letter to Santa; snacking on "snowflakes" and hot cocoa; carol sing-a-longs and even some Polar Express Math thrown in for good measure! Our celebration will end with a viewing (or partial) of the released "Polar Express" movie.

Children may wear PJs to school but we will have time to change into our jammies prior to the celebration. The kids may bring their blankie, favorite stuffed animal, and/or bathrobe along with their pjs. Shoes must be worn to help keep them safe as they travel through the day. The suggested attired follows along with the story of The Polar Express where the children take the '5-minutes-before-midnight' train ride to Santa's village. There will also be a school-wide celebration theme of Holidays Around the World on the 18th).

Ms. Gorski

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you may have!