Technology in Education

Improved Special Education Due to Technological Advancements

Online Learning

When attending public school, students with disabilities face verbal and physical bullying. Online learning can potentially take these students out of this hostile learning environment and into the comfort of their own home and at a pace that is comfortable for them. As the students have questions about an assignment, they can video chat with their teacher and get the same hands-on learning experience as they would sitting in an actual classroom. "If done right, online learningcan afford students with disabilities new opportunities." (Shah) For example an autistic student named Steph enrolled in an online school. After a couple months of schooling online his self-esteem and demeanor were so improved that people often asked if he still had autism. It's amazing how the environment you're put in affects you in different ways.

Texas School for the Deaf

Promethean Activboards

The Texas School for the Deaf, or TSD, has demonstrated how the addition of technology inthe classroom can affect the learning experiences of special needs students. "TSD's focus is on creating a rich learning environment for their students and serving as a resource center on deafness for parents and professionals. (Frembles) What makes this school unique is its creation of a rich visual learning environment paired with teachers signing throughout lessons. The addition of Promethean Activboards has greatly aided in the creation of this environment. One of the most important features of these boards is the fact that, during a lesson, the teacher can write whatever notes the students will need and is then able to print them out to distribute to the students. This is increadibly helpful since students attending the school arent able to look down in order to take notes. "Once you have a Promethean Actiboard, it does change the way teachers teach and kids learn." (Frembles)

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