All About Labrador retrievers

By Emily Cummings


Have you ever wanted to learn about Labrador Retrievers? Well you have come to the right place to find facts about Labrador Retrievers. We in America call Labrador Retrievers Labs,but their still called Labrador Retrievers. Well anyway you might as well get reading about Labrador Retrievers.

Body And Health

I am going to be teaching you about the beautiful Labrador Retriever’s Body and Health. Labrador Retrievers weigh about 55 to 80 pounds (25 to 35 kilograms)because they have all this extra skin. They are also not as big as you think they are, they are 2 feet tall (0.6 meters) and are fairly tall.



If you’ve been wanting a Lab, here are facts about they’re behavior! So the first fact is that they are deffently playful,and loving,caring,sweet,eager to please,and they are highly intelligent dogs. Since their so so so playful, they DON’T lack off the the word play. And their also a great great great pet for a big family and a small family, and KIDS!

Lab History

I Lab history I will tell you about the past and maybe some facts about the present time which is right now. Now to the facts the first fact is, Labs used to live in Newfoundland,Canada because they used to work with settlers. And also with the settlers they would help pull in the fishing nets to help. And also I don’t think they do this anymore but,british travelers would travel all around the world to see the hard working Labs.

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Do you want to learn about Lab Popularity? Because I do,did you know Labs are the MOST popular dog in the U.S.A. And their the most popular dog to be a service dog and service dogs help people that are blind or some sort. And another is that a LOT of people have Labs and other dogs but labs are the MOST popularist dog in the U.S.A!!!

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Fun Fact#1

  • Hunters use Labs to help hunt for dead birds

Fun Fact#2

  • Labs used to help rescue people like if in a sanked ship.


Labs follow their owners rules very well.
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Someone who travels to a place where someone doesn’t already live there.


Having or showing intelligence,especially high level.


Wanting very much; Anxious to do or get.
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Thank you for reading this flip book. Hopefully you liked my flip book about Labrador Retriever I had a fun time making this flip book,it really made me feel like an real auther. Did you like it well I did. Have a fun time learning.