Queen BEElievers Weekly BLAST!

January 15-21st

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Congrats top 5 Queen Bees #1 Karen Robinson #2 Sandy McWaters #3 Amanda Taylor #4 Hannah Mcpeak and #5 Tammy Parker . The court of Sharing is WIDE open!! Anyone can be he queen by recruiting a qualified recruit!

“One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind.” Romans 14:5 ESV

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Ladies this is what we have to do for the next 6 months!!! Who is committed to this with me??? This is about $10,000 more than what we did but if everyone grabs some friends and increase your team we can do this!!! Message me if you are committed to a pink Cadillac unit!!

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National Sales Director Jan Thetford!

So if your goal is directorship or car this year....do this and get in her special pacesetters program in February!!!

Effective Dec. 1st thru Sunday Jan. 31st you will have the opportunity to work the basics of the business on a level where you will have the momentum to build a customer base and team that will be productive.
It's very simple... Here's the deal!
Complete 4 of the following 6 assignments accompanied with the appropriate paperwork ...
Turn in to me by Jan. 31 for your official invite to work with me in a very special program.
This program will start in February with our goal being to have you in DIQ on or before March 1.
So let's look at the assignments that must be completed to participate in this coaching program with Jan.

Complete at least 4 assignments but you can certainly complete all 6!

  • Put MARY Kay on 40 legit faces. Faces that you are striving to have as hostesses and customers .
  • Hold 12 Skin Care Classes.. Must have 3 people in attendance and have at least 100$ in sales.
  • Sell 2000$ or more in retail sales
  • Be a Star Consultant by Dec. 15
  • Have 6 qualified guests attend a success meeting or event. Qualified means- Over 18... Never been to a MK function with you before.
  • Share the business opportunity with 6 prospects. Document this interview with an interview sheet signed by your Director!
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Brenda Austin

Queen BEElievers Unit!