Florida Temperate Hardwood Forests

By: Aleesha Oakes and Jessalynn Balliet

Lets take a trip down to Florida's "Hammocks"

Not only are temperate hardwood forests homes to many animals, but they also have many impacts on us, as well as us having many impacts on them. Throughout the whole Florida ecosystem, Florida's Temperate Hardwood Forests are one of the most important aspects because of all the things it provides for us humans. For example, oxygen is just one of the many things a human needs which comes from trees, those can be found in forests.

Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Abiotic Factors

  • Tornadoes
  • Wild Fires
  • Droughts
  • Soil
  • Pollution
  • Rocks

Biotic Factors

  • Deer
  • Trees
  • Gray fox
  • Wild turkey
  • Slimy salamander
  • White-tailed deer

A-biotic Factors

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How do humans have a negative impact on this ecosystem?

People are always causing damage to many forests. But Florida's temperate hardwood forests are being especially damaged. Companies and/or industries are causing disturbances to the plants and the animals that are native to this land. They are cutting down trees for residential/commercial development. This is causing many plants to die as well as animals not having homes.
Ecosystems Song

The importance of water

  • It keeps the soil moisturized to a certain level so the trees can grow properly in the environment
  • Can reduce the amount of wildfires
  • Animals around need a type of source of water to maintain a healthy diet.

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