From The Desk of Donna Lemaire, Principal


Wisdom comes to us in surprising ways. I was visiting a kindergarten classroom while they were in centers. I overheard a conversation between two students as they worked on their project. Apparently one thought she needed to do something extra and the little boy with her responded to her, “We didn’t learn that yet. We have only been in school 69 days.” Sometimes we are not sure what God is calling us to do in life. While the kindergartener is sure he will learn everything in the remaining school days, it takes a lifetime to discover who God made us to be. The scripture Sunday talks about the talents God gives us. The good news is that we are gifted. The great news is that we are empowered. This is incredibly important for us as parents and educators. If we do not recognize our own gifts, we are less able to recognize the gifts in our children. Your first gift to your children is to recognize the gift within yourself. I see it every day, the kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy, understanding, and many other gifts that our parents bring to our school community. Once you acknowledge the gift, Thanksgiving will be a natural response. This Thanksgiving I pray that God will help you see your gifts, Jesus will transform you through those gifts, and the Spirit will empower you to share those gifts.

Donna Lemaire