how to stay safe when using e-mail!

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10 how to use e-mail properly

1.never swear on e-mails

2.don't send rude e-mail messages

3.don't send threats

4. never blackmail on or offline

5.don't hack it's never going to end well if they have a face tracker!!!!!

6.don't foward an e-mail someone has sent you if it is rude or not! not write bad things the school can see your e-mails you are sending people not cyber bully people

9. if you hack, stop now, you will get caught and will hurt others around you. not send e-mails from other accounts

safety tips

how to stay safe:

1. always change your password from time to time to avoid being hacked

2.never open an e-mail from someone you do not know it could have a virus

3. don't put easy to guess passwords

4.don't e-mail address or mobile number, they could accidentily foward it

5.use BCC so that no-one knows if it was sent to someone else

6. don't hand out a friends e-mail, you don't know how much you could do to them

7.only hand out your e-mail to people you know and trust

8.never sighn anything that is sent by e-mail, it will be a scam

9.don't send e-mails to people you don't know they could save it

10. if you get random e-mails tell an adult