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Happenings the week of Monday, November 26th, 2012 Vol. 1

The Battle of the Books (BOB) Tree is burgeoning!

Our Creativity, Action, and Service (affectionately known as CAS) students often sign up to assist in the library. This year we are privileged to have Christopher Yim and Marielle Raiford from L6 on board. Recently they helped design and implement an artsy monitoring system for our BOB team to gauge reading. With brush in hand they painted a tree on one library wall that gets a new leaf for each BOB title read by any student in the school. Since each title has a uniquely coloured leaf that grows on limbs above the book represented, the tree becomes a living bar graph. See the current status of the tree in the photo below. Click on the image to enlarge it to see the pocket watch in the hollow of the tree: can any parent identify the title of the American classic that creates this famous image? Email your answer to: for a chance to have an honourable mention in our next newsletter!

Digital Literacy Focus: Quizlet and Flocabulary taking root from the library to the classroom!

Teacher Librarians are always on the lookout for study tools that will help students to master content. Two tools being emphasized right now are Quizlet and Flocabulary. We encourage you as parents to check out these learning tools so you can encourage your child(ren) to use them wisely. Currently we have a trial for Flocabulary giving our entire learning community (that includes you at home!) the right to access all content on their site free until Christmas. Have a look at and enter the UN and PW: LeLycee. Again, both UN and PW are the same. Enjoy the ride!!