Danielle Ann Cooper

Born in Chicago, Illinois

December 15, 1997 was when I was born. I Moved to Flower Mound Texas Spetember 18, 2005. My family and I moved for better education, weather climate, and jobs.

The schools I have attened

Something I love to do

Something that has been apart of my life since i was three years old has been Soccer. I am still to this day playing soccer. I am a Defender or forward. I play for a team called Texas Spirit, and i also play for Flower Mound High School.

Awards I have received

A Jammin' Jag, I have received three of those from teachers.

A kind Heart Award, I received from my soccer coach

Job/Work experience

I had helped out at Chasin' Tail BBQ. I brought food out, seated people, and had a lot of customer service.

I also helped out my soccer coach at the High school with summer soccer camps for kids.


Diane Bilbrey 214-679-8268

Bob Pinard 214-789-3732

Trina Hamner 469-713-5192