What`s Trending in Math and Science

September 21-25

This Week at a Glance

Monday -

Tuesday - GATE

Wednesday - Music

Thursday- Pali Permission Slips for LCUSD home in Thursday Folders

Friday- Early Dismissal: Collaboration day

Upcoming Events for you Calendar:

9/25 Collaboration Day

9/29 Make up Picture Day

10/7 6th gr Dine Out at New Moon

10/8 6th gr STAR Deputy Begins

10/9 End of 1st Qtr; Spirit Rally, Pumpkin Patch

Pali Mountain

Please contact me ASAP if you still have not received the Parent Packet email from Pali Institute.

Permission slips for LCUSD will be coming home in your Thursday Folders this week.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at kpatito@lcusd.net

PTA and the Halloween Haunt - Patito Homeroom

You are in luck! We still have a few volunteer spots open for Halloween Haunt!! Don`t hesitate, they will fill up quickly! Please contact our Room Representatives, or myself for details about our event at the Haunt and the times we have available.

The Haunt is on Saturday, October 24, 2015

I look forward to seeing all you there, and most importantly, thank you for all the amazing things you do for your student, our classroom, LCE and LCUSD! LCE is the place to be because of the care you have for our educational community!


This week marks the beginning of our study of the world`s biomes. Students will be learning about how organisms survive in land and water ecosystems on earth. To start, we will have an overview of the climate, and plant and animal life in each biome. Next week students will begin a more in depth study of a single biome through a research project.


Unit Rate, Percents

Unit Rates

This week, students build further on their understanding of ratios and the value of a ratio. They have been working hard using multiple representations (graphs, tape diagrams, double number lines and student-derived equations) that utilize the relationships between two quantities to solve real-world problems. We are working to solidify their understanding of the material as ratios and proportions are the basis of much of high school, college, and career mathematics and sciences, and certainly continue on through the rest of year.

This has been a long unit, and the students have done a fantastic job digging in and working hard to make sense of these ideas in new ways. I am very proud of them all!


Mid-week and into next, students will be introduced to percent and will find percent of a quantity as a rate per 100. They will understand that a given percent of a quantity has the same value as N/100. We will be solving real world problems and they will use their knowledge of ratios and rates to express comparisons between quantities using the language of percent and solve percent problems by selecting from familiar representations, such as tape diagrams and double number lines, or a combination of both.