It has influenced many middle level kids


You will find Gatorade in many commercials, mainly sports ones. Gatorade lets off of vibe of being completely refreshing and keeps you going. Does Gatorade truly quench your thirst? Or is that what people want you to think?

How does Gatorade influence kids?

In commercials, Gatorade is advertised as a sports drink that gives you energy to get out on the field or the court. Yes, it does give you energy, being high in calories. But if your not performing physical activity while drinking it, it will just be extra calories and sugar.

Schools sell Gatorade. Why?

Many schools in our nation sell Gatorade because many students are involved in sports. It's an energy drink. But the truth is, water is the better option in any and all situations. We drink Gatorade simply because it tastes much better than water, and it's advertised as a "Go Getter" drink.
In conclusion, Gatorade has a big influence on middle level kids because it gives you energy during physical activity, it's advertised as a "Go Getter" drink and it tastes better then the much healthier choice, water.

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