Family in Honduras

By: Victoria Gimenez

Family Structure

  • Families usually have up to 3 to 4 children
  • In the rural and urban areas extended families usually live in the same household
  • the grandparents mostly raise the children who have immigrated from other countries

Child /Parent Relationship

  • Children usually stay home until they are married
  • When you get married you still live in your parents' house to cut down on expenses
  • Girls and boys usually help with household chores but the boys mostly do farm work

Gender Roles

  • The fathers is the head of the household and work most of the time
  • The mothers are stay at home moms
  • Women keep their maiden names and add their husband's last name

Belief and Take on Family

They count on each other for most of the part and they have three forms of marriage: civil, religious, and free unions. They are also mostly Roman Catholics.

Interesting Fact

People in Honduras celebrate The Day of the Child which you give thanks to a child and they recieve sweet treats in school and takes place on September 10th.


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