Restorative Workshops

with Sarah Tripp Stephan

Work out the kinks. Realign muscle fibers. Release tension.

Intense exercise, overtraining or working the same muscle pattern over & over creates knots and bumps in the soft tissues. Muscles and/or nerves get tethered together and stop moving and functioning properly. Stress on the joints becomes harder to manage. Performance drops. Risk of injury goes up. Chronic pain may even start to set in.

That's where Myofascial Release + Deep Restorative Stretching comes in.

What's To Gain?

· Increase flexibility, strength + overall muscle performance

· Relief from chronic pain or chronically tight muscles

· Improve posture

· Increase energy

· Increase body awareness

· Improve circulation + digestion

· Reduce inflammation

· Lower risk of muscular injury by 65% (or more)

Deep & profound relaxation. Guaranteed.

The Details

  • Sat, Jan 31 12-1:30p
  • Wed, Feb 4, 6-7:30p
  • Sat, Feb 7, 12-1:30p SOLD OUT
  • $30 per session
  • Where: Sweet Spot Yoga -- 1175 Westward Ho (near downtown Lake Oswego)
  • Space limited to 10 per session
  • RSVP to hold your spot
  • Bring a yoga mat