BASD March Madness

BASD Coaching Rundown #6 ~ February/March 2021

Time is running out to sign up!

February flew by fast and the end of the year is in sight, but we still have plenty of time left for learning! To spice up the next few weeks, we're running a BASD March Madness competition. It will run from Monday, March 15th to Thursday, April 8th. The winning team will be announced Friday, April 9th!

Take a peek below at some of the details of the event and form your team! Sign up via the form below by Friday, March 12th to play! Having trouble finding a teammate? Let us know and we'll be sure to find you a match!


In this battle, teams of BASD teachers will go head-to-head to complete the challenges at hand. The goal is for teachers to engage in a variety of activities that will impact student achievement and foster professional growth.


Interested teachers can form teams of anywhere from 2-4 total people. There is no rule for a team’s makeup. Your team can be comprised of colleagues within your grade level or subject area, across grade levels, across schools -- anything goes! Sign up to participate by filling out the form embedded below. Want to join, but don't have a team? Email one of the coaches and we will add you to a group!

Stat Sheet

Your team will aim to “shoot” as many free throws (+1 point), pull-up jumpers (+2 points), or three-pointers (+3 points) as possible by completing any of the tasks described on page 2 of this document. Team members can complete the same activities in an effort to earn the most points, but each individual teacher can only complete an activity one time, unless otherwise noted.


  • Winning Team: This award will be given to the team earning the greatest number of points during the competition. Each team member will receive a $50 gift card to the local business of their choice.

  • School MVP: This award will be given to the teacher in each school who scores the highest number of individual points. The prize will be determined by your building principal.

  • Weekly Honors: This award will be raffled off to multiple players. Each point you earn will give you tickets toward our weekly raffle for a chance to win one of these prizes.