ANZAC Commemeration Day

Aussie Diggers

Where, What, Why and When

When: 20 April

Where: Melbourne War Memorial

Who: This day is for people any age with an intrest in the war and finding out why Australia is the way it is today.

This day is to commemerate the soliers who gave their lives for a better future for Australia. This day will show you all the things about war from how it began to how it ended, weapons, campains, battles and lots more interesting facts.

Why should we commemerate them

The Australian diggers are a big part of our history which has resulted in the world being the way it is today. The Aussie diggers risked their lives and many lost their lives in fighting for freedom and their families. If the Aussie sprit wasn't so strong Australians today could be speaking German, Terkish and Hungary. Things would have been very different if the Allies lost the war.

What sparked the war

There was high tension in Europe before war broke out, eight years leading up to the war it almost started five times. When the Archduke (heir to Australasian throne) was asassinated on the 28th of June 1914 in Bosnia, Sarajevo it really prevoked the war. On the 28th of July 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. On the 30th of July Britain and Russia mobilized forces. On the 1st of August Germany declared war on Russia. On the 2nd of August Germany invaded Beljiumn.
World War I - How Did It Start?


There were many battles in ww1. The biggest and closes one too Australia's heart is the battle of Gallipoli. The ANZACs (Australian New Zealand Army Corp) first landed at Gallipoli on 25 of April 1915. The ANZACs had to row into sore then onto the beach and climb up steap cliffs through a rain of fire from the enemy (Turkey).
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Anzac - Gallipoli - 'Then' part 3
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What happened

Britain was in charge of the campaign at Gallipoli. There have been movies made about the ANZACs with how they were sent to be slaughtered. There was a time delay from when the Turkish trenches were bombed and the attack of the Aussies and New Zealanders. The men in the trenches were sent to be shot down with only getting a couple of feet because of the Turks having machine guns chopping them down.
Gallipoli (8/8) Movie CLIP - The Final Wave (1981) HD

The Western Front

On July 1 1916, the first battle of Sommer began. The battle was inteneded to draw German troops away from the attack at Verdun. On the first day Britain had 57 470 men killed or wounded. Australia lost 5000 men on the 19 of July in a feint at Fromelles, which was to devert German troops. The battle of Fromelles and Pozieres Germany lost 450 000 men, France lost 200 000 men and Britain/Australia lost 420 000 men.
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The Charge - All Quiet on the Western Front (2/10) Movie CLIP (1930) HD

Australia in war time

At the beginning of the war Australians were keen to serve their country and help their mates out. At the beginning they had to many people enlisting so they had to knock people back but as time went on they needed more people because of casualties and wounded men. Australia was one of few countries where it wasn't compulsary to go to war but that didn't decrease the number by much.
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The War

World War 1 has been a huge part of Australias history and it is very closs to Australians heart. ANZAC day is a very important day to Australians to commemerate the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for a better future for us today. All around Australia people have parties on ANZAC day, people go to the dawn servises and the day servises, marches and the highly respected ANZAC day AFL match of Collingwood vs Essedon which is important to nearly all Australians because AFL is very Aussie because the game isn't played any where else in the world. At the match the whole M.C.G is quite a the minute of silence you can hear a pin drop at that moment and the M.C.G holds 100 000 people.
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