Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift

The reason I picked Taylor Swift is because she is my favorite singer and I went to one of her concerts I really like her and her music.

Taylor Swift`s as a kid

Born December 13 1989

Raised in Pensylvania,Tenesse

Moved to Nashville at 14

She started writing songs at 6 years old

She will be 24 in Decemberc 13 2013

Music life

At age 11 she sang the Star Spangled Banner at the 79ers game.

In 2009 she was on a billboard.

At age 20 she was the youngest artist of the year.

She was a voice in Dr.Seuss`s The Lorax.

She sang 2 songs in The Hunger Games

When did she make her songs?

Her first song was Our Song.

Her 2nd song was Tear Drops On My Guitar

Her 3rd song was Picture to burn

Her 2nd album was Fearless

She always looks up to LeAn Rymes

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me