"The Bear and the Ant"

" the Bear and the Ant"

Once there was a bear and an ant. The ant was strolling on its way to a party when it saw a bear stuck in a net and a hunter near by. Without even thinking, the ant knew that something had to be done. The ant rushed over and chewed the bear free. The bear asked," How can I ever repay you?" The ant replied," No need to repay me." They went their separate directions. The next day, the bear went out looking for a bee hive to eat. He then saw a bee attacking something. Bear walked up closer and saw, it was the ant. The bear charged forward scaring the bee away. The ant said," You saved my life, how can I ever repay you?" The bear said," You saved my life before, that is payment enough." The two of them stopped and talked for a while and then went home with happy hearts.


You never know when kindness will repay itself.