Mission San Jose

By Juan Victorino

Mission History

Mission San Jose was built in 11,1797. Mission San Jose is number is 14th. the Indians at the mission are the Miowok, and Yokuts. The founder of Mission San Jose was Father Serra. The Mission was completed in1808. In1810 60 ranches were built and houses for the priest . In 1829 100 troops gathered to fight Estanislo. Mission San Jose is located 15 miles Ne of San Joes east side of San Francisco.

Daily life at the mission.

The people who lived at the mission were men, women, and children. Father Duran and Father Fortune were in charge of Mission San Jose. At the mission the chores were done by the women , men. The job were hunting and farming. The women's jobs were cooking and making clothes. At Mission San Jose there was a school to attend. Mission San Jose had a church, workshops ,laundry and more . When every one was home on there free time people would spend time with there family, or just relax.

Mission today

Mission San Jose was destroyed by a earthquake. Currently there are no field trips scheduled at the mission. My church was destroyed by a earthquake and never opened again. At the mission there is a small museum.



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