Who Has Good Character?

- Rosa Parks -

What does it mean to be a good character?

Being a good character means a lot. It means this person has passion, integrity, courage, and perseverance. They aren't afraid to stand up for themselves. This is a person that is a role model for everyone.

What are universal values?

A value becomes a universal value when it has the same worth or strong intentions for everyone. Rosa was proactive and she wasn't afraid to show she had it. She defended her self. This is a big universal value everyone uses when they have times in their life when they want to defend their self.

Why did I select Rosa Parks?

I selected Rosa Parks for many different reasons. She has many different character values that are good to live by. Rosa believes in standing up for what is right. She is a great role model for every person to look to. In 1955 she was one of the greatest heroes for what she did. She had so much courage and that is why she is now know as The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement. Rosa would be a great mentor for all because she can teach them to have courage and audacity. She set very good personal standards for herself and has achieved a lot. Rosa had many ethics and stood up for herself. This is why i love the way she was and how she handled with many different situations.

What has Rosa parks accomplished?

Rosa has accomplished civil rights. When she refused he seat to a white person a Montgomery, Alabama bus had a city-wide boycott. With that the whole city Montgomery had no other choice that to lift the law requiring segregation on public buses. Because Rosa did that she help many that would have been in her position but because of the fearless actions she has help many people to feel free in Montgomery,Alabama. If it wasn't for her they just might not have passed that law. Rosa knew that she had citizenship and that she should be equal to everyone else so she took action and make it happen.

What are the universal values of Rosa Parks?

Universal values: Justice, Courage, Equality, Respect, Love, and Fearlessness.

Why is Rosa a good mentor for young adults?

Rosa Parks would be a good mentor because she can teach a lot of people the way many people choose to act. She can tell them that some people are very fair and considerate. She can also tell them that there will be those people that are the complete opposite, that they want to be hateful, mean, and unequal to others because the was being do this way. Rosa can teach the young adults the values that she valued. Lastly she just may be able to teach someone to accomplish something just as big as she did like passing a law. I'm sure she can teach many different ways to impact each life. She can also teach young adults how to deal with peer pressure because there is a lot of that in the world today.
Larry King Live - 1995: Rosa Parks says she isn't bitter