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Fundamental Five...oh yea!

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What is Frequent, Small-Group, Purposeful Talk?

"It is the practice where, after every ten to fifteen minutes of teacher-driven discussion, or at the completion of a major instructional concept, the teacher briefly stops talking and has groups of two to four students briefly discuss a seed question related to the instruction or activity." (p.51)

Why do this?

Research shows it increases retention via interaction, collaboration, and participation. You are essentially is checking for understanding! I saw Mrs. Freeman doing this last was an excellent example of ensuring individual accountability and equal participation within her class.

Parent Conferences

Tis the season... to share allllllll of the data you have taken thus far.

Here are some pointers to help make this time productive for you, the parents and ultimately the student:

  • Start with the positives. You are talking about that parent's most precious gift. Make them believe that you do indeed care about their child.
  • Drive your conversations with DATA. You cannot have a child scoring in the "average" range on AIMS and then claim that they are struggling. Be specific, show examples or test results that support your case.
  • Maintain confidentiality. It is NEVER appropriate to discuss another student during a conference. Period. If the parent wants to discuss another child, remind them that you cannot do that due to confidentiality, and likewise, you would never discuss their child with another parent.
  • Have a plan! Parents almost always want what is best for their child. If you feel otherwise, it is probably a misconception or miscommunication. Share what you are doing in class to help their child (e.g. intervention, guided reading, extension activities, reading buddies, PALS, etc.), give them suggestions, and solicit suggestions from the parent. Collaboration and teamwork with the parents is completely necessary for student success.
  • Follow up, if necessary. If a parent requests resources or information that you do not have on hand, do your best to get these to the parent in a timely manner.
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Congrats, Lori Booth!

You were chosen as our October teacher of the month! You will be celebrated next Tuesday at the Sachse Chamber Luncheon!

October challenge reminder...

It's Connected Educator Month! October is one of my favorite months of the year. Football, fall, connected educators...ALL GOOD THINGS!

Educators are models of learning for kids. As educators' learning shifts from the "sit and get" model to the collaboration (connected) model, that shift hopefully transfers to their teaching as well. If an educator controls his or her learning through self-direction, that learning becomes more meaningful. Authentic self-directed learning becomes self-motivating. That does more than translate to a better-educated educator -- it also creates a teacher advocate for collaborative learning.

For your October Tech Ninja Challenge, complete a Connected Educator BINGO for an entry to possibly win a TCEA trip, courtesy of Mrs. Heller and Mrs. Hattaway. These are all easy things that you can do at your leisure this month. Find a bingo that works for you & and turn it into me!

First, read this post!

Then, complete a bingo here!

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Patty's Pontifications

Happy Birthday to YOU!

No birthdays this week :)

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Teachers please make sure that your students are walking to their tables at lunch. We are having high incidences of running in the last week. This is probably after you walk them to the cafeteria and walk away. Please reiterate this expectation and watch for students who may be running to get to lines or their table first as you drop them off.

Also, please let your students know that going to the gym to read is ONLY for students who have finished eating lunch. If students are still eating then they need to finish before leaving for the gym. Please emphasize that they don’t need to leave because they see their friends leave. After being given the option to go the gym, students should leave because:

a. They have finished their food.

b. Their tummy is full and they don’t want to eat any more.

c. Their final 10 minutes of lunch has ended and it is time for teachers to pick them up.

Hispanic Heritage Month

There is only one more week of Hispanic Heritage Month. Help your kiddos make connections! If you have a moment to stop in the main hallway to read about one or two of the influential Hispanic Americans being highlighted, please do so.

Calendar Comings

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Oct 13: Sachse Chamber lunch, 11:30 UIL practice

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Oct 15: #URLearning (@Whitt) big huge conference night

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