Latin Program Update


Latin Club Social!

The Latin Club JCL Officers will be hosting a social potluck at the home of Hunter Hoard (Latin II Honors) on October 4th, 2014 from 12pm-3pm. All interested and current Latin Club members are invited to attend. We are asking that students bring a food item or a donation of $5. Also, bring a white t-shirt for Tie-Dye "Pax Romana" shirt making. We will be sending out an official invitation with address details.

Join the Latin Club Here:

Regular Latin Club Meetings

Latin Club Meetings will take place on the first Friday morning of every month at 7:45am in Mrs. Shanholtz room. The next meeting will be October 3rd for all Latin Club members.

**If your student has joined Latin Club or would like to take advantage of student led tutoring services please encourage them to join the Latin Special Interests PAWS class!

Fall Forum (October 25th, 2014 - Northview High School)

Our first state competition will take place on October 25th at Northview High School. Stay tuned for more information regarding this competition. It is usually a half day event, and is a great experience for students to attend a state competition! We need students interested in competing in academics, sports, and the arts. There are also many interesting workshops available throughout the day! (Ex. soap making, mosaics, wax tablets, star lab, running for state office and many more)
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Class Announcements

Are you confused about "Crustula"?

Every Latin student is required to earn 25 crustula each six weeks (30 for Honors). These crustula can be earned by completing practice activities in the student textbook or workbook. There are also opportunities for crustula through online practice at home and in class. Often, I will offer practice/pop quizzes, on which a student must earn an 80 or above to receive a crustula. Students can even propose a crustula opportunity to me!

The crustula model for practice and participation is designed to differentiate the learning needs of students. Encourage your student to choose the types of activities they practice wisely. If your student is struggling with cumulative vocabulary, then it would be best to visit the website to test vocabulary knowledge. I will make recommendations for different types of practice to students on a weekly basis.

Class Updates

Latin I - Latin I students are currently in Stage 4. Our goal is to complete 10-11 stages by Christmas break, which is a very fast pace! Encourage your student to keep studying past vocabulary lists so that the speed of the curriculum does not impact their success. Culturally, we are studying Roman daily life in the ancient forum.

Latin II Honors - Just finished Stage 20 and are moving into a new text book this week! We will be continuing our mastery of participles, and will be studying Aqua Sulis/Bath, England for the next two weeks. Students have learned A LOT of vocabulary over the last year. Encourage them to keep reviewing cumulative vocabulary! Latin II does have a project due on October 30th. Be sure to check it out on google classroom!

Latin II - We are finishing up Stage 20 this week and will have our Stage 20 Test next Tuesday (September 23rd). We will then be moving into a new text book and studying participles and Aqua Sulis/Bath, England.

Latin III Honors - Students will be taking the Stage 33 Test today. Latin III Honors requires complex knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Please encourage your student to consistently study cumulative vocabulary! Culturally, we are studying ancient forms of entertainment, philosophy, and religion. Latin III does have a project due on October 30th. Be sure to check it out on google classroom!

Vocabulary Help!

Follow these steps:

1. Visit:

2. Click on Cambridge Latin Course

3. Click on current Unit

4. Click on current Stage

5. Click on "Test your Vocabulary"

6. Here you can choose vocabulary in one stage or all stages

7. If you choose to practice 50 or more words you may earn a Crustula