The Underdogs

A story about an Underdog team and their struggles

The story

This story is makes you feel bad for the team, but at the same time feel great. Some things for the team goes right, others go nothing like it was supposed to. Will Tyler, the main character, is the guy who tries to save the team that only had 10 teammates at the start, but recruited one extra person. And it wasn't a boy.

What is the message?

In my opinion, the message/theme is to never give up. It shows Will Tyler getting down at times, but never giving up. This is motivational because of how much trial and error Will Tyler went through.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, I would recommend it. I enjoyed reading this book and was always excited to see what would come next. You feel a lot of empathy to the team and Will Tyler, or really any character. Mike Lupica made a great job at making you have to read on. This was an amazing book and I recommend it to anyone at any age.