What Would You Do If

Your Child Was Kidnapped?

No Matter What Kind of Kidnapping Occurs, It is Still Wrong

  • Every 40 seconds, a child in the United States is abducted.
  • The most common kidnapping that occurs is "family kidnapping" which happens 49 percent of the time by family members.
  • Another kind is "acquaintance kidnapping" which happens 27 percent of the time by friends of the family.
  • The last kind is "stranger kidnapping" which only happens 24 percent of the time, but is still common.

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The FBI receives more than 2,000 missing child reports every day. That means 2,000 yesterday, 2,000 today and 2,000 tomorrow.

  • The increase in missing children since 1988 is 500%, and if nothing is done about it, it will continue to increase.

Preventing Child Abductions

  • There are 300 long term abductions per year where the children are either murdered, never found, or returned to their families months or even years later.
  • To prevent this from happening, teach your children self defense.

STOPPING CHILD ABDUCTIONS : Giving Kids Fighting Chance! (Children Personal Safety)

Amber Alert

On this website, http://www.amberalert.gov/ you can sign up to receive amber alerts, which show kidnappings in progress.
  • The "Amber Alert" system is sent out to all phones, news stations, TVs, emails and any other social communication.
  • It alerts the public of when and where a child is abducted in their area.
  • This has helped many families find their children and get them home safely.