District Goal Plan

Living Document Created during the 2014-2015 School Year

Goal Target Area: Curriculum, Assessment & Instructional Practice

District Academic Goal

By January 2016, the district will increase implementation of rigorous instructional design and personalized instruction as measured by the AMO and Progress objectives on the state report card as well as other local measures.

Strategy 1A Rigor

Implement rigorous, research/evidence based, standards aligned, differentiated instruction to all students.

Strategy 1B Assessment Literacy

Use a varied menu of common assessment tools, including short-cycle assessments, in order to develop an accurate picture of student understanding to drive instructional decisions.

Action Steps

1a.1 Develop curricular guides to increase consistent use of high quality instructional practices.

1a.2 Provide high quality professional learning opportunities for staff and evaluate using HQPD planning guides and teacher follow-up surveys.

1.a.3 Create a shared bank of instructional resources.

1.b.1 Schedule weekly time for teacher teams to implement the 5-step process.

1.b.2 Reevaluate purpose and content of report cards and available assessment tools.

1.b.3 Create a shared bank of assessment tools and protocol for evaluating questions.