Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Issue 28_____April 7, 2014

This Week at Gattis....


  • 8:00 Annual ARD
  • 8:30 ISP Showcase
  • 8:55 Initial ARD
  • 9:50 Initial ARD


  • Jennifer at Principals' Meeting
  • 8:00 Annual ARD
  • 8:55 Brief ARD
  • 9:30 TELPAS review
  • 10:00 Temp ARD
  • 1:45 Annual ARD
  • 3:05 Leadership Meeting
  • 6:30 PTA - 2nd grade program


  • 8:00 PDAS
  • 9:00 LaWanda at district committee
  • 9:00 Volunteer Breakfast
  • 3:05 Faculty Meeting


  • 8:00 Annual ARD
  • 8:15 PDAS
  • 8:55 Annual ARD
  • 9:00 Volunteer Breakfast
  • 9:15 PDAS
  • 9:55 Annual ARD
  • 11:55 Annual ARD
  • 3:05 Staffing


  • 7:35 am Morning Assembly
  • SST - Boehler, Schoss, Touchet
  • 5:30-8:00 pm Spring Fling - Volunteers Needed!

April Birthdays

April 1 Nancy Bacon,

April 4 Linda Betak

April 6 Dora Garcia

April 9 Stephen Touchet

April 10 Kristal Shanahan

April 14 Dawn Carlson

April 16 Deborah Bennett, Joann Kendall, & Jacqueline McCollum

April 17 Kelly Bird & Donna Staten

April 22 Rosanna Lenzi

April 24 Marcy Pearson & Bill Shattuck

April 28 Delores Herrera

A Look Ahead....

April 8 Principal's Meeting

April 8 Leadership Meeting

April 11 Spring Fling

April 14-17 CBA grade 2 LA combo (optional)

April 14-17 CBA grade 2 Math

April 15 Craigo's Pizza Night - PTA

April 17 Kinder field trip

April 22 STAAR Testing - 3rd & 4th grade math

April 23 STAAR Testing - 3rd & 4th grade reading

April 24 STAAR Testing - 5th grade reading

April 25 2nd grade field trip

April 25 Gator Glow Fun Run

April 28-May 9 EOY BAS grades K-2

April 29 Tour Ridgeview 5th grade

May 1 3rd grade Field Trip

May 1-14 EOY BAS grades 3-5

May 2 Field Day

May 5-9 CBA Science grade 3 (optional) & 4

May 9 EOY Planning SSTs

May 13 STAAR Testing - 5th grade math retest

May 14 STAAR Testing - 5th grade reading retest

May 16 EOY Planning SSTs

Next Generation Digital Classroom

Please review this link for an opportunity to get involved in technology development across the district!

Curriculum Updates from Principal's Notes

Science Summer Professional Development - Just In Time Sessions

For the first time, Science Just In Time Sessions for the 1st Nine Weeks will be offered during Summer Professional Development! These full day grade level specific sessions will provide hands on lessons that model the 5E instructional approach and support Writing in Science. Collaborative planning time will also be included during these valuable sessions.

Now Accepting Online Applications: Grades 3-5 Reading Rocks Charter Cohort

What is Reading Rocks (3-5)?

Reading Rocks is an advanced level course that will delve into more sophisticated strategies for teaching intermediate grade students to read. The course will focus on advanced literacy structures of the intermediate literacy classroom, as well as the on-going analysis of student literacy behaviors, in order to foster robust reading and comprehension behaviors across all developmental levels. Teachers selected for the charter cohort will meet bi-weekly throughout the Fall 2014 semester; with the possibility of becoming future trainers for Reading Rocks (3-5) in its Summer 2015 District-wide roll out.

Applicant Prerequisites

Applicants need to have completed a RRISD Reading Workshop course within the last three years. If applicants are new to RRISD, applicants may provide a professional development transcript and a training agenda in order to show a similar literacy training was successfully completed and implemented within the last three years. Interested applicants must also commit to all of the time requirements specified below. No exceptions will be made.

Reading Rocks (3-5) Online Application Open March 28-April 14:

Spotlight on Summer PD Offerings - Showcasing the “Zooming in…” Training Series

Each week, the Language Arts department will spotlight a selection of Summer PD session.

Have you noticed we are “Zooming in on Balanced Literacy” this summer? What part of Balanced Literacy do you want to “hone in” on for the following school year? Maybe you just want to spend some time getting to know the parts and pieces of Balanced Literacy in Round Rock ISD? We have Summer PD for that!

● Balanced Literacy Classroom Systems and Practices (K-2) (3-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Reading Workshop (K) (1-2) (3-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Writing Workshop (K) (1-2) (3-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Interactive Reading Aloud, Shared Reading (K-2)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Interactive Writing, Shared Writing (K-2)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Word Study (K-2) (3-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Partner Reading and Accountable Talk (K-2)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Partner Reading and Book Clubs (3-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Conferring with Readers (K-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Conferring in Writing Workshop (K-2) (3-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Assessing Writing (K-2) (3-5)

● Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Small Group Instruction (K-5)


Thank you all for your work to get TELPAS ratings completed and turned in. We recognize that there are many details to tend to and it can be quite confusing. We promise to send more reminders next year so you don't get caught in the rush!! : )

Click this link for important dates and info regarding summer PD!