Giant Kangaroo Rat

U.S. Native-Endangered


The giant kangaroo rat moves by hopping on their back legs. The front limbs are short and used only for digging, whist the hind limbs are long and powerful and the long tail is used for balance. It can leap of over 2 meters when escaping from predators. As with other kangaroo rats, this species has large eyes, small rounded ears and a somewhat rounded body. The fur is buff-coloured, and it has a white belly and a white stripe across the hindquarters. The tufted tail is dark but has white lines along either side.

Why are they endangered?

Main reason is habitat loss as desert areas were converted to agriculture. Over 95 percent of the former range of this species has been lost due to a combination of overgrazing, cultivation, mining operations and the introduction exotic plants.

How can we help?

We can cut down on use of land and leave some of their natural habitat.