What's The Matter?

Let's Learn About Matter!

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What is matter you may ask? Matter is everything around you. Any and every object takes up matter, you are even matter! How cool is that???

Matter Chatter!

Communicate with a partner about what you know about matter!
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The different phases of matter

There are three different phases of matter. They are known as solid, liquid, and gas.
Matter Chatter (song for kids about solids, liquids, and gases)


Solids are made up of a definite shape and they are not very easy to change. The molecules of a solid are very close together.


Liquids have no definite shape. If placed inside a container a liquid can make the shape of the container. However, without borders liquids cannot form a shape. The molecules of a liquid are more spaced out compared to a solid.


Finally we have made it to the final phase of matter. Gases have molecules that are very spread out compared to solids and liquids. The molecules are constantly moving and in random directions.
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Molecules of a Gas!

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