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Wednesday, June 1, 2015

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Parent Communication Logs

Turn in your 6th Six Weeks Parent Communication Logs today. You may place them in the basket on Mrs. Stanley's desk.

*Make sure you write your name on your log.

Conference Record Sheet - WHITE Cumm Folder Checklist

Disregard the conference record sheet listed on the WHITE Cumm folder checklist. This record sheet has already been turned in to Mrs. Griffith. If you have not turned this form into Mrs. Griffith, please do so asap.

Early Dismissal - June 4

Thursday, June 4th is an early dismissal day for students.

* Early dismissal lunch schedules and duties have been placed in your box

* Arrive on time to your afternoon duties (any extra help is greatly appreciated)

Double Day Reminder

Thursday, June 4 is a double day. All employees are required to work 1:00-6:00 to make this day up.

Employee Children - IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO FIND CHILDCARE off campus, they will be permitted to be on stay on campus until 6pm. THEY MUST STAY IN YOUR CLASSROOM AND NOT IN THE HALLWAYS OR OTHER AREAS OF THE SCHOOL.

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Reminders - Paraprofessionals

  • Thursday, June 4 - All paraprofessionals have a 10 hour workday expectancy for Thursday. For example: If you clocked in at 7:30 am, you may clock out at 6pm; if you clocked in at 7:15am, you may clock out at 5:45pm.
  • Friday, June 5 - The work day expectation for Friday, will be 3.5 hours. The employee breakfast will begin at 7:30 AM and should be over by 11:00 AM. You time has been adjusted accordingly for this day. You will need to clock in and clock out and submit your time sheet for the week. You may do this all of this at KHS.
  • Equivalency days - Do not clock in or out on the days you are scheduled to work your equivalency days. You must sign in and out. If you are working in the office, the front office will have a sign in/out sheet. If you are working at one stop registration, Petra will have a sign in/out sheet. If you are attending a workshop/training, you will need to turn in a copy of your workshop/training certificate. Please see me if you have any questions, regarding your equivalency days.
  • Time Sheet - Be sure to review your time sheet before Thursday for any discrepancies. Please see me if you have any questions regarding your time sheet. You must submit your time sheet on Friday at KHS or at KPS.

End Of Year Awards and Breakfast - June 5

June 5, 2015

KHS Cafeteria

7:30 - 11:00

Equivalency Days - Sign in/out

All Faculty and Staff - Be sure to sign in and out at any workshops or trainings that you attend during summer break. If you receive a certificate for your workshop/training, please turn in a copy to me.

End Of Year Reminders

  • Clean out hallway and front office refridgerators of any lunch boxes or food items
  • Remove CDs out of CD-ROM drives/Computers
  • Leave a diagram of room setup
  • Remove all art and paperwork from hallways including bulletin boards
  • Shred all discarded documents containing personal student information
  • Check emails periodically during summer break

Faculty Emergency Information (Summer)

Faculty emergency information (Summer) forms have been placed in your boxes. Please fill out asap. Resource staff and paraprofessionals may turn those in to the front office. Classroom teachers will turn this form in June 4th during the End of Year checkout.
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One Stop Registration - August 10-14

  1. Online registration will be available beginning August 1, 2015

  2. New Student and online registration (for any campus) will be available at Kilgore High School - Cafeteria during the week of August 10-14

    1. Daytime: M-F 8:00 - 4:00

    2. Evening: Tues and Thurs (11 and 13) 5:00 - 7:00

    3. NOTES:

      1. Computers available for parent/public use

      2. employees available to monitor/assist with computers

      3. bi-lingual employees available

      4. each campus may staff registration with a primary “registrar” plus additional employees as needed per the staffing planner

      5. Food services will have representatives on-site

      6. Transportation will have representatives to assist with bus routes, etc.

      7. Copy machines, printing, and computer will be available for each campus group

      8. public access to restroom

      9. Skyward access for employees

  1. KHS will also be holding their typical registration / orientation sessions during the week of August 10-14.

KISD Substitute Teaching - Save the Date

If you know of anyone interested in substitute teacher for the 2015-2016 school year the substitute application will be open September 1-13, 2015.

Qualified applicants must attend the mandatory substitute workshop which will be held on September 17, 2015 at 8:30-11:30 at the KISD Administration Office.

Non degreed and non-certified - $60.00 per full day

Bachelor degreed and non-certified teacher - $70.00 per full day

Bachelor degreed and certified teacher - $80.00 per full day

Please contact Judy Ward at 903-988-3900 x2004 with any questions.



Navarro, Angelica 6/4

Shipp, Vicki 6/10

Aguilar, Lauren 6/19

Zackery, Toni 6/26

Gonzalez, Linda 6/27

Torres, Angelica 6/30


Escobedo, Maria 7/4

Lara, Laura 7/9

Stewart, Penny 7/12

Turner, Angela 7/14

Sifford, Lesly 7/20

Lomas, Petra 7/23

Long, Sharon 7/27

Jones, Stephanie 7/29

Wardlaw, Shasta 7/30


Tinkle, Kalli 8/4

Almonte, Rosa 8/9

Ruiz, Veronica 8/14

Cochran, Delana 8/15

Gipson, Teresa 8/23

Torres, Ilvian 8/24

Brown, Brenda 8/26

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