Toxoplasma Gondii

Don't die. Avoid Toxoplasma Gondii

Where is it found? How do you get it?

Toxoplasma Gondii is a foodborne illness that is in raw or undercooked pork. The only way one can get this illness is if they consume a piece of food that has raw pork bacteria/remnants on it or if you consume raw or undercooked pork itself.


There are many ways to avoid the foodborne illnesses. 5 of them are listed below.

1. ALWAYS wash you hands! You never know what kinds or how many germs are on your hands, nor do you want to find out!

2. Wash your counters before and after cooking/baking! You never know what kinds of bacteria are on your counter from the last time you cooked or baked on it. Raw food could have gotten on it so it is always a good idea to clean it before you do anything on it.

3. Cook your food at a certain temperature. Always cook your food to a certain temperature because you never know what kinds of bacteria are living on your food, so you will want to cook it and kill the germs infesting what we consume.

4. If you are sick, whether you have the flu or a minor cold, NEVER prepare a meal for yourself for another person, or for a whole group. You don't know how much germs are on your hands, and when your sick, there are probably millions more! So have someone who is healthy prepare food for you or for other people.

5. One of the more important things to never do is consume raw food. Never consume raw meat, raw eggs, raw anything! Don't even eat something with raw meat remnants on it! It could have enough bacteria on it to possibly kill you.

Pregnant women and people with weak immune systems are at higher risk for Toxoplasma Gondii


Blindness: There are many symptoms to Toxoplasma Gondii, but one of them is blindness.

Nervous System Disorder: Another symptom is Nervous System Disorder. You can't control what you do!

Mental System Disorder: One of the other disorders/symptoms is mental system disorders.