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August 31, 2020

Diamond Fork Jr High

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Upcoming Events

Mon-Fri, Aug 31-Sept 4---------------------------------------ALOHA Week

Wed, Sept 2----------------------------------------------------School Picture Day

Fri, Sept 4------------------------------------------------------Cross Country @ Payson HS

Mon, Sept 7----------------------------------------------------Labor Day (no school)

Tue, Sept 8-----------------------------------------------------School Community Council

Tue, Sept 8-----------------------------------------------------JV Tennis @ Salem Hills

Thur, Sept 10---------------------------------------------------Tennis @ DFJHS

Fri, Sept 11-----------------------------------------------------Cross Country @ Salem Jr

Tue, Sept 15----------------------------------------------------Tennis @ Salem Hills

Tue, Sept 15----------------------------------------------------JV Tennis @ Payson HS

Thu, Sept 17----------------------------------------------------Tennis @ Mapleton

Fri, Sept 18------------------------------------------------------Cross Country @ DFJHS

Tue, Sept 22----------------------------------------------------Tennis @ Springville Jr

Thur, Sept 24---------------------------------------------------Tennis @ Maple Mtn HS

Fri, Sept 25-----------------------------------------------------Cross Country @ Springville Jr

Tues, Sept 29---------------------------------------------------JV Tennis @ Mapleton Jr

Thu, Oct 1-------------------------------------------------------Picture Make-up Day


This fall, DFJHS will have a Cross Country team (for both boys and girls) and a Girl Tennis team. All students of any grade are welcome to participate! Here is the information you need to know:

Cross Country:

Practices have started, but students can still join. Students need to see Coach Evans or Coach Neumiller for more information.

Cross Country Meet Schedule: Click HERE

Girls Tennis:

Practices are starting today. Anyone interested in participating can still join. See Coach Francis or Coach Sorensen with any questions.

Tennis Match Schedule: Click HERE


Diamond Fork's Picture Day will be this WEDNESDAY, September 2nd.

If you are interested in purchasing pictures, please go to www.bellphoto.com. You will then be prompted to enter the following "webcode": dfjrnebofall20


For our Remote Learners, you are welcome to come to the gymnasium between 2:00-3:00 on Wednesday to have your picture taken as well!


With our "Early Out" Schedule this year, we have developed (and will continue to develop) ways in which we can use this 45 minutes each afternoon to benefit our students' learning experiences and opportunities. Here are some of the plans we have developed so far:

1-Students may self-select to come in for homework help or make-up work with a teacher. Teachers will be available Tues-Friday for students seeking help.

2- Teachers may request a student stay after to work on make-up work or content mastery. Teachers will contact parents for assistance and permission in this situation.

3- Teachers with quarantine students will have office hours available to answer questions, re-teach or demonstrate labs, etc via Zoom.

4-Enrichment Activities--Some of our teachers will have small group "enrichment activities" a couple of days per week. Students interested in participation will sign up with the specific teacher. More information will be coming in the coming days. Examples of enrichment activities may include: Drama, Art, PE, Library, Game Room, etc.


The Diamond Fork Jr. PTSA is a WONDERFUL organization of parents at our school that does SO MUCH to benefit our school--both in seen and unseen ways! We love our PTSA and are grateful for all they do for our school. Some of the things they do to help our school include (but certainly not limited to): Parent-Teacher Conference Dinners, Monthly Munchies, Teacher Appreciation Week, Health Lifestyle Day, Drama Performance Concessions, Yearly Donation for School Needs.

Our PTSA is always looking for more members and parent volunteers to help them throughout this coming year! Please consider JOINING, DONATING, or VOLUNTEERING:

Join the PTSA: The cost is only $6- parents can pay at myschoolfees.com, send the money with a student or come into the office to pay.

Volunteer to Help: If you would rather not join, but are willing to help, you can email the PTA president- jackiehansen123@hotmail.com if you are willing to volunteer to donate to one of our Monthly Munchies or to Teacher Appreciation Week.

Thank you for your support!


This year, we are going to work diligently to minimize our students' tardy issues. We feel it is especially important that students be to class on time this year to minimize time in the hallways with students. Additionally, it is an issue of respect for teachers and peers that we are hoping to help our students understand.

If we have students with frequent tardiness struggles, we will contact a parent/guardian to set up a time for the student to serve after-school detention. If the problems persist, we will set up a meeting with student and parent(s) to discuss the problem and work to create short-term consequences and long-term solutions as necessary. We ask you parents to please help us and support our efforts to alleviate this concern.


We now have a Diamond Fork Online Store! We have Apparel and Gear available for our students, parents and community members! There are shirts, hats, jackets, bags, water bottles, etc. Check out our School Store at HERE!

Orders will be shipped directly to your home.


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