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Break even analysis

Quiz over Inequalities and Intersections this Friday, February 5!

The quiz will cover how to write word problems with inequalities, find points of intersection from a graph, and interpret what the intersection point means in terms of profit, income, and expenses. I will pass out all tests on Tuesday, February 2. Students can retake for up to a 90% starting Wednesday, February 3 - Friday, February 5th.

Extra credit also offered for Thinking through Math. Students use their school user names and passwords. Make sure your kiddo is using Chrome or Firefox for the website to work. The website is: . Students can get up to 2 grades of 100 for each lesson they complete this six weeks and 5th six weeks.

Math 8 Staar is now on March 29!!!!

Here is a blueprint for the staar test along with the allowable resources:

We are also addressing all of the TEKS mentioned there during warm-ups and homework in class.

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