Lou Gehrig

Ironman Baseball Player

Early Life

Henry Louis Gehrig was born in New York City June, 19,1903. His parents were both German immigrants. He was the only child of four to survive infancy. His mother made sure he got a good education. He started early to show a knack for football, and baseball. After high school, Lou went to Columbia University. He was the school's fullback, and studied engineering. Also, he made the school's baseball team. He was a great pitcher and earned the nickname "Columbia Lou". His best game was when he struck out 17 batters. Even though being a great pitcher, the New York Yankees were actually drawn by his swing. They signed Lou with a $1,500 bonus. With that money he moved his family to the suburbs, and helped him be able to play baseball full time.

Yankee Career

After only one season with the Yankees, Lou was put in the starting lineup. He was to replace the old first baseman, Wally Pipp. With that start, Lou went on a streak in which he played in a consecutive 2,130 games. With the help of Babe Ruth, Lou and the Yankees won 6 World Series Titles. In addition of him playing in so many games, he scored 100 times, and 100 RBI's in 13 consecutive seasons. Through his whole career, he had a batting average of .361. He even set a record of most RBI's in the American League, with 184. Through his whole career he has had the same nickname, "The Iron Horse".


After a bad start with the 1939 season, Lou was diagnosed with ALS(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). With his diagnosis, the disease is most popularly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. With that he pulled himself out of the lineup. He soon retired. The Yankees a couple years later, retired his number. He soon took a turn for the worse, and then soon afterword, he passed away in his sleep.
Lou Gehrig - Mini Biography


1. What team did Lou play for?

2. When did he retire?