Design Matters

Mrs. Slavens Class

Summer School Information

Breakfast is at 7:30am in the Carver Commons/Cafeteria

Design Matters is located in Room 125.

Students will attend Personal Learning Time (PLT) at 9:30am and 1:30pm. During PLT students will attend PE class for Week 1 & 3 then they will attend Maker Space & Coding for Week 2 & 4.

Session 1 begins at 8am and ends after lunch at 11:30

Session 2 begins at 11:30 and ends at 2:20

Car Riders will be dismissed at 2:20pm

Bus Riders will be dismissed at 2:25pm

Attendance Office Number is 523-6800 ext. 54132 ask for Ms. West (summer school secretary).

Mr. Randall is our summer school principal at Carver he can be reached at 523-6800 ext. 54132.

Design Matters Syllabus

In this summer school course, students will be immersing themselves in the design process and in so doing, learning how a designer approaches a problem. By the end of the course, students will have gained an introductory knowledge of the aspects of design, mechanisms, architecture, and 3D design in the digital age.

Student participation is at the core of this experience. Students will work in teams and will be challenged to create different products through research, critical thinking, and team collaboration and communication. Teams will test their products, record data, and make adjustments in order to improve designs. Final solutions and products will be presented.

Attendance Procedures:

· Parents should notify the attendance office (523-6802) each day the student is absent.

· Daily attendance is critical to the successful completion of this course as all work is completed in class.

Classroom Management:

· Each student is expected to be respectful, reliable, and productive.

· No food/water will be allowed around electronic equipment that is in the classroom.

· All discipline will be handled in accordance with the Springfield Public School Handbook.

Design Matter Teacher & Practicum Student Teachers

Take Risks, Be Happy, Stay Positive!

Agenda for June 27th - 30th

Monday 6/27:

Expectations & Procedures

Pass Out/Collect Field Trip Permission Slips

Fire, Storm, & Lock Down Drill Procedures
Digital Citizenship

Tuesday 6/28:

Get To Know You Activity

Spaghetti Tower

Review 6 Elements of Design

3D Design on Project Ignite Autodesk

Wednesday 6/29:

3D Design on Project Ignite Autodesk

Thursday 6/30:

3D Design on Project Ignite Autodesk

Friday 7/1: