Stanford University

The Path of the Law[yer]

Enrollement Requirements

  • SAT score of 1438 or higher
  • GPA 4.0 recommended but other things may sway them one way or another.

Cost of college

Two years at RCC- With financial aid about $6000
350,000 before financial aid and scholarships to complete all remaining courses needed for a law degree. My family is large and we don't have a lot of money, so I should get a good amount of financial aid.
FAFSA is due at the end of June.

Political Science and Government

After two years at a community college (RCC) I plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Government at Stanford. This should provide a good base in the inner-workings of the United States Government and general politics.

Advanced Legal Studies

My master's degree will be in legal studies. This covers many aspects of law that will be very important to me later.

Doctor (law) degree

I will earn my law degree in Stanford's accredited law program.

What To Do In Palo Alto California:

Weather in Palo Alto

The weather is mild in Palo Alto. The average low for the year is in the forties and the average high is almost seventy.