The John Brown Masacure

A very bloody fight

The Kansas Nebraska Act

This act was a very deadly act that was passed. The Missouri Act that worked for 30 years was just abolished by this new act. This act made Kansas and Nebraska a popular sovereignty states. This made a lot of the northerners angry. Some of the northerners fled to Kansas to populate Kansas. Some of the southerners that lived in Missouri had the same idea. But they fled to take over the voting and put in four times the amount of votes in for slavery. This started the up rise in the bloody Kansas.

John Brown's Terror

The story of John Brown's terror starts when the southerners from Missouri came to a northern town and burned all the printing press. John Brown took some northerners and went into the southern part of Kansas and took out 5 different pro-slavery people and killed them right in front of their families. John ran and hide for along time.